5 Tips for Multi-Channel Marketing

Information is the most valuable commodity. Because of technology and social media, it is a real race to see which company gets to deliver the message first. As the number of media channels increases, it becomes ever more crucial to cover all the bases and implement multi-channel marketing.

Five tips for an effective multi-channel marketing strategy:

  1. Consistency of message across all media.

    There is nothing more discouraging for customers than uneven communication. Customers cannot trust a company that fails to explain the value of the product or service clearly. A brand message should be aligned across different communication channels to ensure effective communication.

  2. Consistent visual identity.

    A Facebook post has a different layout to an e-mail newsletter. However, a business’s identity should be consistent across different channels. The “About” descriptions, use of brand logo, creative templates and standardised tag-lines should remain consistent.

  3. Understand the customer.

    For any successful marketing campaign, the customers must first be understood. The demographics of customers will be effective in creating messages across all channels. Create personas of target customers. It is useful to talk to actual customers to gather information. Tests can be created across platforms to test sequences, timing and messaging.

  4. Choose channels carefully.

    Using every channel available won’t result in reaching an audience effectively. Understanding the target audience will help to establish preferred channels. A business can then decide which ones will best reach the target audience and display their messages across these channels.

  5. Iterate, evaluate and change (if necessary).

    The goal is not only to create a digital presence across different media, but also to identify the most effective way to do it. For example, if a targeted video campaign is not generating new visitors, it is time to evaluate the method and adjust accordingly.

How does a business create a multi-channel marketing strategy?

Marketing a business across multiple channels is a lot of work. Partnering with an online marketing company will help a business connect with their customers in the most effective way possible. Experts can create and strengthen a business’s digital presence through digital strategy planning, data and analytics, UX design and technical development. These services will be necessary to implement an effective multi-channel marketing strategy.

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