Top Landing Page Trends

The landing page of a website is arguably the most important page. As the first page most users will encounter, it needs to be inviting, engaging and accessible. An effective landing page generates more traffic, leads and sales. A landing page also highlights your brand identity and the attractions of your business. Here are some of the top 2017 trends to keep your landing page fresh and exciting:

  1. Longer landing pages

    Scrolling trumps navigation in visiting a website. A single landing page will focus the user’s attention better than directing them to content at the top of different pages. Longer landing pages create a conversation with the reader. Users will happily spend more time scrolling through a long landing page than they will exploring the site looking for information.

  2. Engagement bots

    While chatbots themselves are not new, AI has become more sophisticated and modern web designers are incorporating them creatively into their sites. Engagement bots can help increase customer service and generate more sales leads. They make for a more streamlined and user-friendly experience.

  3. Cinemagraphics and animation

    It is widely known that users pay attention to colour and images. This is even more effective with an animated image or cinemagraphic, as the eye is naturally attracted to motion. Cinemagraphics add that eye-catching element while avoiding the problem of loading times and buffering associated with videos. Subtle, repetitive cinemagraphics are the most effective in attracting and holding interest without distracting from the surrounding content.

  4. Demographic-responsive design

    Loading time is an enormous factor in keeping a visitor interested in your site. With the inclusion of rich graphics and videos, loading time can be even further extended. Many sites use a skeleton screen to combat this. The outline and essential information is prioritised to load first to catch the eye, followed by supplementary text and images afterwards.

  5. Skeleton screens

    Designers are varying the design, and even the content, of their landing pages according to user demographics. The layout, aesthetics and content of a landing page can be optimised for various target audiences, giving each user a tailor-made experience.

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