User-generated content as a form of marketing

All content marketing strategies should include some form of user-generated content. As the name suggests, this content is generated by your customers, and is published on social media platforms. The content can be spontaneously created, such as when you see someone post pictures of their favourite clothing items, shoes or even food brands on social media. Another way to create user-generated content is to encourage it. In this article, let’s look at creating a strategy which naturally encourages users to create and share content on your behalf.

4 ways to encourage content creation

You want a marketing strategy that encourages users to spread the word about your brand, services or products. With a good strategy that embraces the power of user-generated content in place, you can be sure that each time you get a mention online, more and more potential customers will become aware of your offers. Here are 4 ways to encourage the creation of user-generated content:

  1. Incentivise: Build an online presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and create incentives for user-generated content. These incentives can be something as simple as a free sample of your product or service, or it can get a lot more creative.

  2. Hashtags: A good way to get users to talk about your brand online is with a hashtag. Create hashtags for your products, services and individual marketing campaigns.

  3. Competitions: Another idea for an incentive is a photo competition. Users post photos of them using your product and caption them with your hashtags. The user with the best photo will win a prize.

  4. Connect: Add a “Write for Us” section on your website. There are many guest bloggers that will gladly take advantage of your platform to express themselves.

  5. Bring it all together

    If you combine user generated content with great content of your own, you can really boost your brand’s visibility. Your content can be used for SEO purposes, and lead generation, while user-generated content can be to drive engagement and exposure. This type of marketing can even be done with a very strict budget, but the results can be very profitable.

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