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" Your design process and involvement has helped us deliver outstanding products with excellent quality. "

Jeswin Lopez - Digital Manager flydubai

flydubai is Dubai’s first low-cost airline. Since 2008 flydubai has been dedicated to making air travel more affordable.

flydubai website

flydubai wanted to put an end to an old, tailor-made but restrictive CMS and move to a better solution. Their requirements were numerous with a particular desire to be able to personalise the content to each user.

Revonic was selected as a digital partner to facilitate the transition and implement the new website within SDL Tridion. We collaborated closely with flydubai IT to guarantee the new website would be safely implemented on their complex and business-critical infrastructure. The scope of work covered:

  • Complete blueprinting of the new website sitemap based on the atomic design approach of the layouts
  • Infrastructure architecture definition
  • Staging and Production environments setup
  • QA, UAT, Disaster Recovery, Non Functional Requirements environments setup
  • Implementation of 3 contingency levels including a ‘Grey site’
  • Implementation of a user-friendly web content management system across all sections of the site (SDL Tridion CMS)
  • IP-specific content personalisation on the homepage
  • Campaign uploader for flydubai large scale campaigns
  • CRON job integration for retrieving the active routes from flydubai’s flight management system
  • Website Support and Maintenance
  • Yearly retainer for monthly iteration-based development and releases including improved and new functionalities, UX and performances improvements verified through load tests

Email marketing & microsites

flydubai campaign microsites

We also support flydubai's online marketing and sales channels with execution of tactical campaign sites for route launches, special offers or simply promoting brand awareness.

These campaigns are carefully and strategically segmented, distributed in many languages and specific microsites are there to support targetted campaigns by country and even city levels.

Over the years, we have launched hundreds of successful email marketing campaigns.

OPEN, rewards by flydubai

OPEN website
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OPEN, rewards by flydubai is flydubai’s rewards programme launched on 25th October 2016.

True to their core belief to make air travel more affordable, OPEN, rewards by flydubai is a point-based system where earning and redeeming points are accessible to all members.

Revonic, already a long lasting partner was naturally selected to design and implement the customer portal in SDL Tridion. This time the collaboration involved not only flydubai IT but also AMADEUS, the third party being the loyalty system. The scope of work covered:

  • Blueprinting and SDL setup
  • Wireframe and design of the customer portal based on the Loyalty Management System documentation and OPEN branding
  • Infrastructure architecture definition, as an add-on to the initial flydubai infrastructure
  • Development, QA, UAT, Disaster Recovery, NFR, Staging and Production environments setup
  • Full integration with bespoke Customer Middleware solution