Noor Bank

Shaping Noor Bank into a Customer Centric bank.

  • 40%

    increase in customer satisfaction

  • 50%

    reduction in operation loss

  • 50%

    decrease in negative customer feedback

  • 30%

    more front-line capacity created

"The work Revonic does with Noor Bank is not just a project, it’s been about building a strong partnership that enables Noor to deliver outstanding customer experiences. Driving business outcomes is at the centre of their ethos and it really shows in their delivery. "

Damian Cotchett - Head of Customer Experience Noor Bank

Who is Noor Bank:

Noor Bank (formerly Noor Islamic Bank) was established in January 2008, in Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

Among the youngest banks in the country, Noor Bank has achieved significant growth in the past 10 years. Today, in 2018, as they continue to grow, they are now ranked the 11th largest bank in the UAE in terms of asset size.

The Challenge

Noor Bank is going through a transformation phase where customer experience is taking a prominent seat in driving its business for the upcoming years. Our customer experience team used Design Thinking Methodology to understand the business objectives and challenges by empathizing with the existing customers and journeys and defining the future desired experiences.

Noor Bank had recognized the need to overhaul their customer journey and improve market share. An overall lack of user-friendly features was determined to be the leading focus in the strategy overhaul.

Revonic was selected to execute the new grass root strategy for the customer journey map to understand the current customer journey across the personal, business, wealth and corporate banking segments within the bank. The objective was to identify key areas where the customer journey could be improved and re-map ideal journeys for all segments to holistically improve the customer experience.

The Solution

Noor Bank Journey

Journey maps display the end-to-end customer experiences with an organisation. It helps everyone involved see the bigger picture and understand how what they do impacts the customer. Journey maps are used to make decisions on improvements for products and services and keep track of on-going initiatives.

This was built upon a set of core objectives:

  • UNDERSTAND the current audience: Data Mapping & Tagging, User Research & Journey Mapping, Competitive Analysis & Inspiration, Product Definition & Roadmap. Map all stages in the current customer journey from awareness and consideration, through conversion.
  • CREATE a new customer journey map: Visualise the way forward, mapping innovative solutions and opportunities to business and making it tangible.
  • DELIVER a future proof user experience.
  • +150

    new customer service initiatives created

  • +200k

    customers impacted by improved service

  • +15

    new products & services identified

We are working on a journey towards helping Noor Bank become A CUSTOMER-CENTRIC BANK by applying strategy based on visualization of the ideal customer experience and we achieve this by:

  • Aligning customer experience across branches and online channels to competition
  • Re-engineer and digitize; simplify and upgrade platforms
  • Strengthen risk process and policy; validate models streamline governance
  • Initiate Cultural transformation; deploy tools to enhance employee experience, enhance brand equity and employee value proposition
  • Personalized customer solutions. 24/7 tailored multi-channel proposition

Following hundreds of interviews, surveys and conversations with internal stakeholders from C Level to Relationship Managers and Branch Tellers through to key customers in all segments we identified numerous services and areas of improvement (new customer service initiatives). All of which focused and driven by digital transformation to improve the overall customer experience of the bank.

The result is 5 Journey Maps delivered:

  1. EVERYDAY MONEY (retail banking)