E-Commerce Design Mistakes

5 E-Commerce Design Mistakes that Continue to Surface Online

E-Commerce Design Mistakes

5 E-Commerce Design Mistakes that Continue to Surface Online

Having an online store means that you are open for business 24/7 and can reach an international market with your brand. When creating a website suited to an e-commerce environment, be sure to avoid the following blunders:

  • Providing too little information:

    Yes, websites are meant to looks sleek and should be easy to read and understand, but if you’re selling a product or providing a service, there needs to be a fair amount of detail involved. Provide as much info as needed in order to make sure your customer is not disappointed due to lack of knowledge.

  • A long checkout process:

    It is essential that you make it as hassle-free as possible for customers to purchase from your website. The more steps you place between them choosing the product and buying it, the more likely you are to lose their interest along the way.

  • An under-performing search bar:

    There are times that your customer already knows what they want – they just want to be able to go straight to it once they have reached your website and may use a site search to do so. If their search turns up no results, it’s likely that they’ll move to a competitor. Be sure to make your search bar comprehensive for a variety of keywords.

  • Low quality imagery:

    On an e-commerce site, it is imperative that the images of the products and services that you are offering are of the highest quality. You should also be able to enlarge the image, zoom in on it and see it from different angles.

  • Not including related products:

    When shopping online, consumers might be looking for more than one item. For example, if they are browsing necklaces, how about showcasing related products such as the matching earrings. This could spark their interest and result in multiple purchases.

By avoiding these design blunders and following e-commerce best practices, you'll create a website that is visually inviting, easy to comprehend, and quick and simple for your customers to purchase multiple products.

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