Storyversing is the new way to engage with a brand in a Digital World


Storyversing is the new way to engage with a brand in a Digital World

Gone are the days where advertisers talked at you. If they’re to succeed in grabbing an increasingly inattentive (and distracted) audience’s attention to a brand, they have to talk with you.

One of the ways brands are doing this is via ‘storyversing’, a hugely popular customer engagement strategy right now.

It works so well because it encourages direct consumer engagement with a brand or business, either online or offline, but more often crossing from one medium to the other and back. 

Essentially customers are prompted to create stories around a brand using multiple content types. Brand custodians curate this content and evolve their content strategy based on the audience’s reaction.

Storyversing in action

One storyversing campaign that worked well across multiple digital platforms was for the movie Ride Along created by New York's creative technology agency Narrative.

They used video and vines to get the public to create stories around the movie and placed user submissions on a microsite.

This extended the brand message to a wide audience across multiple devices and platforms in a highly engaging and entertaining format. 

Getting it right

New York writer Robin Landa, who teaches storytelling to advertising design students at Kean University in New Jersey, explores this form of brand engagement in her book Nimble and Advertising By Design (2016).

She says “Stories add emotional value to brands or causes; they are a powerful way to communicate to and connect with audiences.”

Landa sums up the core elements of a successful storyversing campaign. It must:

  • Be socially shareable
  • Translate as micro content
  • Be created for mobile
  • Take the user back to the brand

She advises in Nimble: “Find a creative thinking process that allows you to generate scalable ideas that are both sticky and stretchy."

Storyversing demands creativity that is strategic and able to cross platforms, industries and sectors. Get it right, and you've got a powerful form of brand communication to boost your digital and social media marketing campaigns. 

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