Experience Platforms

What’s all the fuss about Experience Platforms?

Experience Platforms

What’s all the fuss about Experience Platforms?

Until recently, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was all the rage. This software allowed brands to maintain customer databases and apply that data to scale. The latest advancement in CMS (Customer Management Systems) development is Customer Experience Management (CXM). It is sometimes referred to as CXP (Customer Experience Platform), UXP (User Experience Platform), or DXP (Digital Experience Platform). It incorporates the best parts of CMS tools and adds several layers of functionality to benefit end users. Sitecore is a good example of this platform.

Everything in one (virtual) spot

The key difference between CMS and CXP is that the latter puts everything in one place. CMS are generally web-based desktop portals. Conversely, CXPs begin with a CMS and include integrated tools that give it mobile accessibility, analytics, flexibility, social media elements, and more. CMS is usually brand-centric and can only be used by the seller. CXP puts both the vendor and the customer on the same platform. It gives them different levels of access and allows them to interact with one another. It eliminates the need to have two separate pieces of software for customers and service providers by elegantly placing them on the same portal.

Active use is stickier than passive use

CXP invites direct engagement. Customers don’t just sit back and consume content. They interact with it, explore it, play with it. They get to talk back. And since their service providers are on the same platform, the vendors can observe how the customer responds to certain features, products, or services. The vendor can then tweak their product accordingly, which makes the customer feel like the brand is listening and meeting their needs. This builds trust and brand loyalty, while offering tons of data that vendors can use to improve current offerings and develop new ones.

CXM provides context for your content

The beauty of experience platforms is they provide a personalised journey for every user. Beginners can learn about the product or service. Doubters can be reassured. Exasperated customers can escalate complaints and have them solved. Employees can be trained. And it all happens on one portal that is constantly learning, identifying challenges, and using data to fix problems.

CXM offers informational content, explains product benefits, lets customers directly engage vendors, and links seamlessly to social media. It’s a one stop solution for both customers and vendors, and it’s a logical next step in the evolution of virtual customer service.

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