the power of the mobile app

the power of the mobile app

Has your tech or marketing team suggested you develop a mobile app? They do have a point. With customers increasingly accessing the web through their smartphones and tablets, apps are becoming a primary point of contact. They offer more functionality and use less bandwidth, making them more customer-friendly than standard websites. Also, unlike websites, they continue to gather metrics even when the customer’s internet connection is disabled. This offers a wealth of information to product developers and sales strategists.

Take your business to your customer

Way back in the past, your customer had to come to your physical premises when they wanted to get in touch with you. Even with websites, they have to find your URL and visit your virtual shop. With mobile apps, you’re always in the customer’s pocket. The ease of access makes it more likely that the customer will engage with you and use your products and services. After all, you’re always right there with them. You can answer their questions, tell them about special offers, connect them to like-minded users, and offer products and services whenever they’re needed.

Get to know your customer

People take their phones everywhere, even to the restroom, and engage with them constantly. Having your business on this device keeps you inside the customer space, and makes them more likely to engage with you. Plus, the nature of apps is that they are helpful to you even when they’re not in active use. They provide data on location, customer preferences, peak usage time, interactions with other sales prospects and much more. Mobile apps are a 24/7 customer survey, and the information they provide benefits both vendors and customers.

Improving efficiency

In many sectors of the economy, people are worried about automation, but mobile app development is the one area where automation is a good thing. Mobile apps allow users to perform transactions on their phones that they previously had to do in person. Browsing shop inventories, checking account balances, ordering personal services, reviewing products and so much more. This saves time and energy for the more labour-intensive human-centric aspects of life.

Mobile apps make life smoother, faster, easier, and more efficient for both customers and service providers. When will you make your own?

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