Why Indivirtual uses Umbraco Open-source CMS


Why Indivirtual uses Umbraco Open-source CMS

There's a new CMS on the block and it's called Umbracro. Well, it's not actually new - a Danish programmer Niels Hartvig released it as open source software back in 2004.

Now, through a dedicated fanbase and continued improvements, it's fast becoming one of the most popular content management systems around. 

In fact, Umbraco reports that it powers over 350,000+ websites in 169 countries worldwide, records over 1,000 daily installs and boasts an active community of over 200,000 craftspeople

In a nutshell, Umbraco is an open source content management system that can run anything from a small campaign or brochure site right through to complex applications for Fortune 500's as well as some of the largest media sites in the world.

Brands such as Microsoft, Warner Bros,,, and have all turned to Umbraco for web content management, praising it for it's architecture, intuitive graphical profile and flexibility.

Possibly it's strongest point is it allows non-technical content editors to create content without any training, inside a fully customised editing interface.

It's simple user interface (see image below from doesn't interfere with CSS and HTML markup and allows developers to quickly build a website. 

One of the reasons why Umbraco is preferred above other CMSs is because it doesn't dictate your design and development process.

Although Wordpress, primarily a blogging tool, is still much more widely used, Umbraco provides a more comprehensive approach to CMS by allowing full customisation.

One of the best features is the vibrant Umbraco community at where they produce plugins and extensions that can be easily added to the platform through its package manager. It also hosts downloads, tutorials and forums where you can post questions or contribute your knowledge.

Umbraco features

  • Based on ASP.NET and requires Windows server technology
  • Has a built-in search engine
  • Uses Microsoft’s built in authentication technology to ensure your system is both secure and robust
  • Fully responsive across mobile, kiosks
  • Designers can use their favourite HTML editor - Visual Studio, WebMatrix, Notepad++, DreamWeaver or any other, to modify a website
  • It is a free, open-source format with the additional option of professional tools and support if you need them
  • Multi-language support via a terms dictionary, translation of the content from one language to another, or in independent language site sections
  • Integrated caching system
  • No back-end programming
  • Built-in media management and image sizing
  • Built-in users management (developers, content managers) and members management consoles (users of the site)
  • Robust API that integrates with your existing systems and 3rd party apps
  • Cost-effective solution thanks to its open source license

Integrate .NET controls. you can use .NET Custom Controls and User Controls without having to jump through hoops. Source:

Although some say that getting used to Umbraco takes some time, and that the learning curve is short but steep, once you've 'got it', it allows for the fast development for websites from scratch. 

The company says they have spent the last four years working on a Software as a Service version of Umbraco called Umbraco as a Service, shortened to UaaS. It offers all-in-one Azure hosting and predictability in projects and is aimed at complimenting the Umbraco CMS, not replacing it. 

Umbraco Version 7 is currently out, and is strongly supported by a growing number of worldwide Gold Partners, an active community of users and by a highly driven commercial organisation called Umbraco Headquarters (HQ).

At Revonic we have integrated the user-friendly Umbraco web content management system into a number of our client projects, such as Mercedes Benz Middle East (see image below) that has been awarded the prestigious Stevie International Business Award.

Revonic also won the Gold International Davey Award for the design and build of the Mercedes-Benz ME website (see news). The site was recognised as the best Automotive website based on its unique graphic design and ease of use based on the user centred design principles.

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