The age of bigger & bolder eCommerce

The death of the 3-year digital transformation strategy.

The age of bigger & bolder eCommerce

The death of the 3-year digital transformation strategy.

The age of bigger and bolder eCommerce.

Author: Adam Cukrowski, CEO, Revonic

With big problems, come significant opportunities and let's be frank we've got quite a mammoth of a situation on our hands. COVID-19 has changed our social status quo indefinitely, along with a dramatic impact on the global economy. The world couldn't be any more uncertain right now, but we need to look ahead, act now, and build on significant opportunities to be ready for what's coming next.

I think we all agree that now, more than ever, a digital future lies ahead. By acting early and being bold and decisive, companies can accelerate their digital transformation and reach the next "new normal" sooner.

The age of bigger and bolder eCommerce

An image floating around social networks, asking companies who is currently driving their digital transformation.

In a 2018 Tech Pro Research survey, 70% of survey respondents said that their companies either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on one. Unfortunately, it seems most companies were not far enough along to make COVID-19 a non-issue.

The days of a three-year digital strategy plan are over for the foreseeable future. 

Blue sky thinking is excellent, but nothing beats quick-to-roll-out changes that make an impact in weeks or months, ideally based on data-driven insights.

COVID-19 has added fuel to the fire for retailers and all service providers as consumers have been (and still are) practically demanding better eCommerce solutions to practice social distancing and frankly for their convenience. While not everyone will have budgets or capabilities to implement a full-scale eCommerce transformation within months, I would highly recommend businesses upscale, enhance and push their current online capabilities to the next level as quickly as possible. The goal is to win the short-term battle and gain long-term strategic positioning.

Instead of sharing stats and reassuring figures on why you should be investing in enhancing your eCommerce capability, the Revonic team and I want to share with you a few tactical and practical solutions that can and should be looked at now which will yield concrete results quickly. We're in a reactive state of affairs at the moment, and the reaction you should urge now is to harness and improve what you have, really quickly (and effectively).

The articles below are looking at improvements across your eCommerce channels focusing on: User Experience, Content and Data & Analytics.

I encourage you to spend some time on these three factors as it can have an incredible impact on your bottom-line and consumer retention not only in the time of COVID-19 but far beyond, during the good times and the bad. UX and Data are very familiar to most by now and need very little explanation. In my view far too many companies ignore the importance of Content which I hope the respective article will clarify.

Click through the articles below to learn how you can optimise your existing eCommerce channel to drive conversions and business performance:

It's clear that eCommerce is rapidly evolving to offer consumers quicker, safer, more intuitive and personalised experiences. In the UAE, we already have a plethora of advantages working in our benefit, including; a high digital penetration, Government intent clearly shown through the Dubai eCommerce Strategy, more substantial disposable incomes and an impressive logistics infrastructure.

We now just need to enable our customers to reach our products through user-friendly, efficient online stores and digital experiences.

The heat is on. Now is the time to turn this uncertain time into your biggest opportunity.

We are here to help!

Yours sincerely,

Adam CukrowskiAdam Cukrowski
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