We are driven by measurable data that validates our ideas and influences business performance.



We are driven by measurable data that validates our ideas and influences business performance.

Data driven strategy & design

Through raw data analysis, our data specialists can develop a strategic direction that gets implemented throughout the interface development. We use data to gain insights into your users’ behaviour and to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your digital touchpoints.

We appreciate the importance of collecting data and the impact it can have on the efficiency of a business, so we help our clients set the foundation for their digital strategy to ensure their success long after our work is complete.


Data Strategy

Identifying business goals and developing a roadmap for data implementation.

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Business Intelligence

Retrieving raw data and transforming it into visual actionable information.


Advanced Analytics

Reflecting on insights, analysing the findings and utilising them to influence business decisions.

Data pillars

Brand interaction

We collect data from platforms where consumers give feedback and analyse it to help you understand your customers’ attitudes towards your business.

Data architecture

We structure an organization’s data infrastructure through site maps. We validate hierarchy by creating enterprise architecture frameworks, real-time data modelling and testing. We refer to website analytics, auditing analytics, CRM data, loyalty programs and even offline data.

Data automation

We automate the retrieval process to improve operational effectiveness and efficiency. Our cloud-based solution pushes data to a centralised location and connects it to a data visualisation tool. Your data then becomes ready for analysis, in real-time, through a visual representation.

Data governance

We evaluate all of your available data sources and touchpoints and identify potential risks. We also provide recommendations on data compliancy using best practices that comply with the privacy law.

Data strategy

A data strategy is crucial in ensuring your company reaches its goals and gains a competitive advantage. We evaluate the business process as a whole to identify where the potential opportunities and threats are. We then create a digital roadmap that includes data architecture, data automation, data visualization and data governance.


We transform businesses through user-centric designs and tracking consumer movements in detail. We use data to enhance business models and drive return on investment by looking into the product, spatial, omnichannel, path-to-conversion and customer lifetime value. This enables us to determine an E-Commerce roadmap and execute it in more detail.

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