Gaining user insights through empathetic research and validating findings to meet user needs and expectations.



Gaining user insights through empathetic research and validating findings to meet user needs and expectations.

User-first approach to design & function

We use research to understand users’ behaviours, needs, motivations and experience. A key aspect of our approach is setting aside any assumptions we may have and empathising with a user’s point of view. We believe objective user research is crucial in understanding the problems we are trying to solve and why.

Testing your product with your respective users reduces risks associated with launching new ideas as you can detect faults and solve the problems before going to market. This produces better customer experiences and ultimately higher financial returns on your product.

Discover Who

Determine the target users and screen profiles for participant recruitment.


Identify Why

Use business insights to define what we want to understand.

Validate How

Test our ideas with real users to validate research findings.

Key methodologies

User testing

During user testing, we go through processes to understand users better and study how they interact with your product which is crucial to creating meaningful customer experiences. Through Treejack testing, we validate the effectiveness of your site’s organisation and structure which allows us to analyse the navigation of your site or app and make improvements based on users’ behaviour.

We also do Card sorting which helps us us identify patterns in what makes sense to users and how we can potentially organise the structure of content.

User research

We research users’ behaviours, needs, motivations and experience by empathising with a user’s point of view. Through user surveys, interviews and dairy studies we are able to collect quantitative data about users' experience with your product or service.

We also do ethnography studies to look at how people relate to technology in their natural settings which all assists us in creating persona’s relevant to your real target audience. Personas ensure we always keep our users at the centre of our design, implementing solutions to address their needs and pain points.

Usability testing

We evaluate how usable an interface is with a group of your representative users by asking them to complete predefined tasks while observers watch, listen and take notes. This is then matched against qualitative and quantitative metrics to identify patterns in usability issues.

We perform various types of usability testing in our User Testing Complex including card sorting, A/B testing, Click through test, General impressions test and Task analysis.

UX lab

The usability lab is purposefully built to run usability tests in a controlled environment in which we run moderated tests on paper prototypes, computer-based interaction or mobile device based tests. The room is equipped with the latest technology including Windows and Mac machines, mobile phones and tablets (Android and Apple).

We can also provide Tobii Pro Lab software, HD digital AV recording, 55inch interactive and Smart TVs, standalone DSLR and tripod and sketch screens.

Eye tracking

The Tobii Pro Glasses 2 are wearable eye trackers that allow us to capture human behaviour anywhere. During user testing, we use eye tracking to know where your users are looking, for how long and in what order to provide a new level of depth to how we analyse user interfaces.

Focus groups

We use focus groups to gather a small group of users together for a discussion with a specific focus in mind. The participants discuss things such as how they feel about a product, any concerns they have or attributes that they like about it. Focus groups are used to learn how your users are reacting to your product or service and to detect patterns in this feedback.

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