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Visualising customer journeys to identify opportunities for digital improvement and commercial success.

Visualising customer journeys to identify opportunities for digital improvement and commercial success.

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Roadmapping the journey to success through digital implementation

Using digital services to provide seamless experiences

Among the youngest banks in the country, Noor Bank has achieved significant growth in the past 10 years. In 2018, they were ranked the 11th largest bank in the UAE in terms of asset size.

Revonic was commissioned by Noor Bank for a strategy project to help digitally transform the personal, business, wealth and corporate banking segments. The ultimate goal was to improve the overall customer experience of the bank in order to drive increased market share, loyalty and retention for new and existing customers.


New products


Customers impacted by improved service


Stakeholder and customer surveys and interviews

Gaining insights through customer interviews

Our customer experience team used Design Thinking Methodology to understand the business objectives and challenges by empathising with the existing customers and journeys and defining the future desired experiences.

We facilitated hundreds of interviews, surveys and conversations with key customers as well as internal stakeholders such as c-levels, relationship managers and branch tellers through all banking segments. We were able to gain valuable insights into the existing customer experience that allowed us to identify numerous areas of improvement.

Creating the ideal customer journey

We mapped out the existing customer journeys across all banking segments and identified customer pain points.

Using this as a reference we mapped out the ideal customer journeys that holistically improve the experience for customers in all segments by focusing on digital services and solutions.

Driving Initiatives for change

These optimised journeys allowed for Revonic to support Noor Bank in creating realistic initiatives for changes within all of the banking segments that are now a part of Noor Bank's long term digital roadmap.

This will help Noor Bank become a customer- centric bank by applying strategy based on visualisation of the ideal customer experience and we achieve this by deploying tools to enhance employee experiences, enhancing brand equity, aligning the customer experience across all channels and providing personalised customer solutions.

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