Revonic, is devised of two words; Revolution and Bionic.

To start a revolution, you need highly motivated and driven people with a common cause, who come together to challenge convention and drive change for the better. By people, we mean you, us, and every single person we interact with.

The word bionic talks to our belief in using technology to create experiences that improves the way people interact with brands and experience the digital world around them.

We are still the same team but with a fresh and energized focus. We’ve always gone over and beyond for our clients and it’s great that now it has become part of our brand DNA. The rebrand cultivates what the agency represents internally and now we can share the same values, energy and drive through our identity.

We Are Revonic.
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Brand values and principles

This rebrand is not only about changing our name and look, it’s about embedding our core values and principles into everything we deliver.

Here are the brand values we aspire to live by:

brand values

Our Manifesto

  • We want to raise the bar. To give our clients an exceptional experience of working with a digital agency.
  • Where client and agency work together to effect improvement at the speed of the business.
  • Where every solution is bespoke.
  • Where the agency consistently adds value, and can demonstrate ROI.
  • Where digital is the means, not the end.
  • Where communication is open, frank and focused.
  • Where excellent is standard.
  • Where relationships are real and long-lasting.
  • Where respect endures when the client has left the room.
  • Where the agency is flexible and adaptable.
  • Where the agency’s base is local, but their know-how is global.
  • Where the agency stays hungry.

That’s the kind of agency we’d like to work with.
So that’s the kind of agency we are.

Because it matters.