Sitecore Business Optimization Strategies (SBOS)

Gain strategic business value from Sitecore.

As a Platinum Partner we can help our clients access and engage with the Sitecore Business Optimisation Strategies team (or SBOS™ for short). Put simply, working with Sitecore we help our clients gain strategic business value from the Sitecore® Experience Platform™.

Where commercial environments have become increasingly cut throat and competitive, the importance of delivering the superior customer experience against the competition is paramount.

As your partner, the premise of SBOS is to maximize your use of Sitecore XP so you can market in context of your customers’ current and past history of interaction with your brand.

Deploying a mix of business process consulting, deep knowledge of Sitecore XP, and bringing our collective years of experience working with customers, SBOS can help you materialise your digital maturity roadmap and strategy.

Revonic has worked with a number of clients in the region by creating Sitecore Proof of Concepts which work in conjunction with the SBOS team and methodology. The ultimate objective of this exercise is to work with you to accurately estimate the true return on investment that can be yielded by using Sitecore XP before you’ve even bought it. Want to know more?

A real-life example of where SBOS can take you


A star graduate of SBOS’s program, Danone Nutricia captured the attention of mothers and delivered outstanding results in the process. Take a look at the video from Sitecore where all is explained. This is the true definition of delivering a personalised Omni-Channel Customer Experience.

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