Data & Insights

The data revolution is here, is your business ready?

Is it enough to go on gut-instinct and "the highest paid person’s opinion"? Today's businesses need data to drive their decisions.

The concept of data is not a new one. Companies around the world have been capturing and collating data for years, the challenge many are now facing is identifying the data which is relevant to their business goals and objectives.

How insights are collected and analysed to generate ideas

Many agencies can collect data for you, but that is only the first stage - we add insight to construct actionable suggestions with our clients. This extra step requires us to review other factors which may be driving the movements in your data.

Our Data & Insights team works in conjunction with our Digital Strategy team to bring together the short term and long term objectives of our clients; with the correct goals, reports and analytical reviews to drive results.

What your Data Analytics team will do

To answer the questions your business has, we need to track data properly. Using this data, we can identify what makes your audience tick, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your digital touch points.

Then we delve deeper into internal and external factors which may be impacting the data collected. Some examples of what we look at include:

  • Analytics
  • Recorded sessions and heatmaps
  • Clusters and segments (personalisation)
  • Industry research
  • Legal/legislative changes
  • Economical factors

Using a combination of the above, our analysts create reports and dashboards that gives clients a detailed review of performance and suggestions for improvement.

Quality over quantity

Big Data has become the latest buzzword to hit the world of analytics in recent years, with some of the big players harnessing the power of huge data sets and real time data to gain a competitive edge. However, it is important to recognise that for the majority of businesses big data is a distant goal on their horizons.

More often than not, any issues in analysing data sets can be traced back to the quality and reliability of the data sets being used. After all, if we do not trust that the data we are using is correct, how can we trust the suggestions derived from our analysis?

Here at Revonic we always begin with a review of the data sources available to us.

Any issues such as gaps in data or tracking, incorrect goals, reporting inconsistencies and so on; are fixed immediately to be sure all data is supporting the future plans of your business correctly.