Realise true value from data that drives contextual customer experiences that matter

In order to differentiate from your competition and drive customer loyalty, businesses need to look at how they currently collect, analyse and use their customer data in order to build contextual experiences across the buying cycle.

Many organisations believe implementing a CRM platform such as Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce solves their customer data problems and with the flick of a switch, they become a customer centric organisation. In reality, the technology is simply a tool to manage the data, a CRM strategy is what truly drives business improvement, sales growth and helps build exceptional customer experiences.

What is a CRM strategy?


Understanding your specific customer journeys


Managing all interactions with your prospects & customers


Driven customer loyalty throughout the buying cycle


Unlocking Prospect Relationship Management(PRM) strategies


Personalization rules and strategies


Using the right technology to underpin your digital strategy

How CRM can help you design and own the Customer Experience (CX) Journey

In order to drive net-new sales growth, your business needs to recognise potential customers and get them to engage and convert with your business.

How can your CRM strategy make this easy for you?

Prospect Relationship Management (PRM) Strategy

PRM is a process of gaining a deep understanding of prospects through data analysis from digital behaviour that allows you to build PRM engagement and conversion strategies.

Using leading technologies like Sitecore (CMS) and Microsoft Dynamics (CRM), organisations can build personas of their prospects, implement personalisation strategies for their web and mobile touch points and drive contextual experiences across their overall digital strategy.

What can a CRM strategy do for your business

  • Increase and drive sales and win net new customers
  • Build contextual experiences across your digital strategy
  • Drive business improvement
  • Create and build loyalty strategies
  • Implement personalisation strategies to truly differentiate

Choosing the right technology

Finding and Implementing the right technology can often feel overwhelming considering the wide range of options available. Revonic take a problem first approach. We believe in understanding the problem in its entirety and then making technology recommendations which can solve the problem of now and in the future.

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  • umbraco
  • sdlo
  • microsoft

Revonic – helping you raise the bar

As a full-service Experience Design agency, we partner with clients and leverage the latest technology to build digital capability that drives business performance. We do this by delivering exceptional analysis, strategy, and design across the entire customer journey. It is only when you seamlessly blend these that you start to deliver meaningful experiences that drive revenue and profitable relationships.

Revonic can assist with a full digital CRM strategy, including:

  • Data analysis & visualisation
  • Customer / user journey strategy
  • UX and UI strategy
  • Prospect Relationship Management (PRM)
  • Loyalty programme strategies
  • Technology implementation and support