Managed Services

Driving business performance with Managed Digital Support

Being successful online is all about creating a memorable, engaging, “always on” customer experience. In order to achieve this, digital and marketing teams cannot simply leave their digital assets and its key components to perform over time without constant optimisation, analysis, testing and revising.

As customer buying journeys and online expectations constantly evolve, brands need to be agile and always strive to:

  • Maximise conversions (CRO)
  • Enhance the user experience & journey (UX/UI)
  • A/B performance testing
  • Real-world data to make insightful decisions
  • Optimise content to keep it fresh & relevant

As marketing spends get tighter and responsibilities increase, organisations often don’t have a dedicated team for managing the online experience which can lead to outdated digital assets, lower conversion rates and poor customer experience.

Revonic Managed Services for Web and Apps

Revonic’s managed services are tailored to takeaway the burden of costs, resources and total cost of ownership from organisations allowing them to focus on strategy and growth.

Key components of our Digital Managed Services:


Extensive and regular CRO audits


Content strategy, publishing and technical delivery


User journey and funnel analysis


Continued user experience enhancements


Integrations and functional enhancements


Technology: Security patches, System updates, Extension updates, API integration, Web performance

Why choose Managed Services?

  • Managed services successfully drive longer term KPIs such as customer satisfaction, retention rate and customer lifetime value (CLV)
  • Increase customer engagement and improve business results
  • Considered an extension of your digital / marketing team
  • Build your brand experience not infrastructure