Usability and User experience lab

A brands magic is a teams engineering

Creating experiences and building innovative digital capabilities that drive business performance for our clients is at the centre of our ethos. By understanding human behaviour and their relationship with digital, we are able to translate the results into brand experiences for our clients which their customers can connect with.

By understanding human-digital interaction, brands are able to engineer seamless experiences across all of their touchpoints. It’s important to understand how your users interact with your website, app, ecommerce or retail experience so you can tailor these products to:

  • Deliver a user-centred design
  • Increase conversion through intuitive interfaces and engaging experiences
  • Drive sales & business performance across channels and devices
  • Personalise each touch point and overall experience to your customer
  • Create positive experiences that build brand loyalty
  • Reduce costs across different channels

State of the art UX facilities

Revonic’s purpose built User Experience complex in the centre of Dubai’s Media City is a state-of-the-art facility comprised of a UX lab with a fully integrated observation suite and a living room. This facility is not only equipped with the latest usability research technology, it also serves as a space for focus groups, interviews, strategy development and workshops.

Research & strategy

  • User Research
  • Workshops, focus groups and interviews
  • Analyse user behaviour
  • User journeys and persona development
  • Applications discovery – AR, AI, Mobile, Web, IoT

Usability testing

  • Observational and eye tracking
  • Digital usability testing
  • Test new product launches / prototypes with your audience
  • Conduct realistic simulations under controlled conditions

User Experience Lab

  • Tobii Pro Glasses 2 – wearable eye tracker
  • Tobii Pro Lab Software
  • HD Digital audio and video recording
  • 55inch interactive and smart TV
  • Standalone Digital SLR + tripod
  • Sketch screens

Observation suite

  • 4x observation screens
  • Room to room live video feed
  • Picture in picture playback usability sessions
  • Room to room audio
  • Comfortable environment

Convenient portable equipment

All of our equipment in the User Experience lab is portable and if you prefer, we can conduct the usability testing at your offices or any other location which suits you and your users.

If you have your own team of research experts and would like to only utilise our space and equipment, we also allow for this option.